Which breed of dog has breeds called Welsh, Scottish and Irish? Click here to view Questions Setter  
What is the common name for the medical condition epistaxis?
Nose Bleed
Who did Ted Turner, the media tycoon, marry in 1991? Jane Fonda
Who wrote a series of letters entitled `Dear Fatty` in the form of an autobiography? Dawn French
What type of material is produced in a ginnery? Cotton
What is made using soda, lime and silica? Glass
What sort of creature is a cassowary? A Fightless Bird
How old is Juliet when she dies in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? 13
How is the chaparral cock, a ground cuckoo native of Mexico, better known? Road Runner
What was the name of King Henry VIII`s older brother? Arthur
Who played Jane opposite Johnny Weissmuller`s Tarzan in 1932? Maureen O'Sullivan
Who created Wikipedia on the World Wide Web? Jimmy Wales
Which three letters did SOS replace as a Morse mayday signal? CDQ
What was the breed of US detective Columbo`s dog? Bassett Hound
Where is Thomas Hardy`s body buried? Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey
What numeric term describes perfect eyesight and a form of cricket? 20-20
What does the word `pop` refer to in Pop Goes The Weasel? To Pawn ( A Weasel was a shoemakers tool)
In heraldry, what colour is gules? Red
How many lions are depicted on the royal standard? 7
On what occasions would the royal standard be flown at half mast? Never