This our beautiful daughter Rachel Anne, she is the most gorgeous baby in the world (Not that I am biased in any way).
We have just started her on a modelling career, this is the picture which will appear in the 'Studio Cards' catalogue.
(25th January 1999)

This is Rachel with her 'Daddy' (me) watching the airplanes come in to land at Manchester airport, she loves watching the planes land and I cant wait until we take her on one, maybe next year.
(12th January 1999)
This is Rachel with her 'Mummy', taken at her Nanna's house, she has had a bad day of falling over this day hence the red knees, but she is doing better each day with her walking.
(5th April 1999)
And here she is all dressed up and ready to go for a photo shoot (Kate Moss eat your heart out)
Here, she has just learned how to pull all the towels out of the draw
Rachel is growing up now, she has started playing with dollies she exhausts us both especially Angela who looks after her all day.
(15th March 2000)
Here is Rachel as the photographer tries to get her to smile on one of her photo shoots
(24th March 2000)
This is a picture of the three of us at her nannies 70th Birthday party.
(19th Feb. 2000)
Here is Rachel sitting pretty on a wall the day after her 2nd Birthday
(18th March 2000)
Here is Rachels first School photo, she goes to Pre-school Playgroup twice a week, one afternoon and one morning.
(28th September 2000)

She is growing up now, this is one of the photo's we had done at Olan Mills the photographers, she is a right poser now :o)

(15th January 2001)


This is the other photo we had done, they even asked us if they could keep one of the pictures of her to have enlarged and put up on their wall.

(15th January 2001)


This is her latest photograph from her playgroup, she starts junior school in Sept 2002. She is growing up too quickly I want her to stay this age forever.

(15th August 2001)


She is growing up fast now, and getting more and more lovely every day.

(26th September 2001)

This is a very recent Photo, taken in 2005, she is a proper little lady now.
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